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November 2017

The launch event for the Halftone exhibition on the 2nd of November was an exciting and surprisingly valuable experience. I had known that the prominent location and great variety of exhibitors would result in a very busy night but I hadn’t anticipated quite the turn out that arrived. The room was packed was people with hardly enough room to turn around, even

Although my final illustration was prepared as a layered Photoshop document that would print perfectly well digitally, I quickly learned that it could not be used as it was for risograph printing. Much like when preparing an image to be screen printed, files need to be recreated as individual greyscale layers for each colour. The colour’s image is then transferred onto a

My Riso sample pack from Risotto Press arrived today. Colours! The pack includes a reference chart for layering swatches which should prove useful when it comes to narrowing down my designs to a two colour palette.

I recorded my work in progress script to get a better idea of how long an animation would run based on my current narrative. At the moment it is running at just over 2 minutes, which is a little longer than I was expecting but still manageable I think. WhenI progress this on and make my first animatic I should have a clearer understanding

My first attempt at a simple hand drawn maquette for my proposed zine. With a 16pp A5 setup in mind, I laid out 4 double-sided A4 sheets, giving me 16 printed pages including covers (8 sheets of A5) to work with. I’ve broken down my in progress script into 24 frames and have 2 frames per page. I’ve reserved the cover pages (inside

Ideally, I would like to experiment with a broad range of stocks and colour combinations during my riso exploration phase. However, I am conscious of cost restrictions and so have conducted some preliminary costing research in order to set some realistic expectations from the outset. Risotto are a Glasgow based studio specialising in risograph printing. Besides their competitive rates I was impressed

One area which has caught my attention during my recent research studies is the resurgence of zine culture. In a similar way to how musicians have returned to vinyl formats, many contemporary illustrators are returning to independent publishing. There are strong parallels between the story of the Pilea and zine culture. The story of the Pilea centres on how it spread around

I have selected to undertake a Skillshare mini-brief set by one of my favourite contemporary illustrators Olimpia Zagnoli. Zagnoli is a Milan based illustrator who specialises in editorial design. Her work is characterised by its bright, graphic qualities and playful narratives. As I can identify many shared aspects between Zagnoli’s current career and my goals for the future I thought that this