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Considering Zine Culture

One area which has caught my attention during my recent research studies is the resurgence of zine culture. In a similar way to how musicians have returned to vinyl formats, many contemporary illustrators are returning to independent publishing. There are strong parallels between the story of the Pilea and zine culture. The story of the Pilea centres on how it spread around the world by being passed from one person to another.

An illustrated zine seems like an appropriate way to tell this story as it is a very literal example of designers actively connecting with their audience by passing on a tangible artifact. Creating a physical illustrated piece is a departure from my previous practice which has been predominantly screen based.

For this project I will go through the full process of producing a Riso printed illustrated zine. I have chosen Riso because I think that its limited colour palette will work well with my preferred Mid-Century aesthetic and it is also an environmentally friendly process. I will then distribute my finished zine locally and internationally (using my class network) in an effort to continue the spread of the Pilea’s story.

For the second phase of this project I want to use the textures created through the Risograph process to bring my story to life digitally as an animated piece. Motion design is a key professional context in my practice and I am keen to see how learning more about traditional print and animation techniques can influence and improve my digital practice. The motion piece will treat the pages of the zine as style frames and its URL will be referenced on the back page of the zine to offer readers further context and the opportunity to share the story further.