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<h6>Dublin 6, <br/> Ireland</h6>

Creative Catalyst Brief: Dublin Canvas

For the creative catalyst mini brief in the Practice module I decided to use the opportunity to make an illustration that demonstrated some of the learnings I have gathered through my study of Mid-Century illustrators to date. I was conscious of keeping to a restricted colour palette,  focused on shape and quality of line and tried to keep the atmosphere playful. I also tried to work more intuitively than I usually would, researching my theme of ‘Bridging Distance’ by walking my commuting route that bridges the distance between home life and work life. Influenced by my gesture drawing class I was tried to create a simple subject which succinctly communicated the essence of my message. I also spent much more time than usual working out the initial sketch before moving onto the computer. This approach worked well for me and I found myself engaging with individual shapes and lines more than I would so a digital environment. I have included stills from my working practice below. On a positive note, I just heard back from the organisers and my design has been accepted for this year’s event and I will be painting my design in the next few weeks time.

Reference list:

Dublin Canvas (n.d.) About Available at: http://www.dublincanvas.com/ [Accessed: 2nd May 2017]

Image Reference:

Hughes, L. (2017) Dublin Canvas Creative Catalyst Project [Photographs]